I am Tarilabo.

 I am the Creative Director of koritabykorita. 

 I always loved to digitally create, whether it’s by design, prototyping, or brand building.  KoritabyKorita  was created by me because my love for  art. it is most important to me also, to progress with the ever evolving decentralized finance industry which is it’s beginning stage of optimizing the importance of valuing digital collectibles.  

Feel free to reach out to say hi! 

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In the meantime, down below is my portfolio of my work. You are welcome to check it out. 


Korita By Korita is an Art forward thinking Independent company focused on creating one of a kind Digital Painted Pieces for buyers looking for Art pieces inspired by West African Origin. 

What sets Koritabykorita apart from unique one of a kind digital pieces? 

KoritabyKorita’s goal is to set up a charitable Organization. Funding from each art piece  bought will go into building  a rehabilitation community for female underage sexual abuse victims as well as victims of domestic violence in Nigeria. The ultimate goal is to transform the lives of women who feel imprisoned by gender biased culture practices and circumstances. This goal cannot be achieved alone. So help us!



As the creative Artist behind KoritabyKorita, it is important I protect the integrity and exclusivity of the pieces I make and choose to sell to curators and lovers of my work. To have access to my work, you can choose to own an Original Print; This means this art piece would be printed Only Once on an archival Giclee paper  for the buyer. 

Another option is owning a Non-Fungible Token (NFT). This is a unique digital asset that represents ownership of real-world items such as Digital Art. With this, you will own the rights to my intellectual work not just owning an Original one time print. 

So Consider these options. Either way, my work will be happy to have you as its home.

Love Always,


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If you have any inquiries about an order or you want to work with me. Send me a message via my personal Email: tari@koritabykorita.com or simply fill the short form to your right.

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