Ohemma in the native tongue of Twi from Ghana means Queen. The name is derived from the Ashanti Region. Ashanti Women have traditionally held important roles in Ghanaian tribes. In the Accra region of Ghana, the Ashanti tribes regard women as the leaders or ‘Queen Mothers’ and they are responsible for decisions. Historically, this powerful female led her tribe into battle and tended for the wounded. In much the same way I think highly of Boadicea for her fearless leadership.

Ohemma is a digital Painting which represents, the embodiment of royalty and sophistication. Ohemma has been  digitally painted with the intention of creating a tribal woman basking in the awareness she is the focal point: center of activity or attention. The landscape background emulates the history of Gold in the Ashanti region this shines through with the sunset in this portrait.

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