Portrait of Ifaayin

Portrait of Iyaafin.

Meaning ‘Lady’ in Yoruba.

I read O.O. Familusi, Ph.D article on The Yoruba Iyaafin I share it with you as it is my inspiration for this portrait.

There’s a conversation and comparison that needs to be had about the prehistoric archaeology Nigerian Iyaafin to the present problems that pertains to the modern Nigerian Iyaafin.

The status of women in traditional Africa has been a major of attention to scholars, The woman has always been presented as a victim of cultural practices.
However, women have equally been presented as force that cannot be ignored all aspects of Yoruba life. So therefore, if a man is considered indispensable, I would then argue that women should in the same light be regarded as such, and value must be placed on the freedom African men are so entitled to.

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