Intertwined Soul


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Dear Dena, 

Intertwined Soul was a piece you chose out of my private collection. Anytime I think of this piece the name you so beautifully gave it comes to mind. For you named this piece. The name I had initially had for this piece went out the window because you so brilliantly brought to light Intertwined Soul. This piece is truly yours, for you have a fiery soul which burns so brilliantly warming everyone I believe you come in contact with. However, the cool tones also indicate how calm you in a storm. You and this piece are alike in that way. Thank you so much for purchasing this piece. It has been an honor getting to know you. 

Dena, Intertwined Soul 
will come with a durable wood-framed poster. Frame comes in black or white. You have a choice of picking which frame color you so require. You have chosen to go with the 18 by 24 size and I must say this is a perfect choice! 

I should add by purchasing this piece, a 10% of profits will go towards a cause we have both share: The rehabilitation of sexually underage children in Nigeria. 

The name of the foundation is The Cece Yara Foundation. 

Thank you for giving my piece a home. 

More soon,



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