Je m’appelle Eux


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Dear Catherine,

You’ve chosen to get a one of a kind Original Piece. This piece in my opinion named itself. When I started working on Je m’appelle Eux, there was a longing to want to belong in the world as their own identity not the identity I initially had subjected my creative process to when creating the piece. I felt in the soul of this portrait a distinct distaste to not be identified, not be named, and mostly not be labeled. I chose to respect that. As my hands created Je m’appelle Eux, I wanted her to feel welcomed in the world. The painting maybe still, yet it holds incredible power in capturing its owner. You Catherine has been called to Je m’appelle Eux. Thank you for Letting this piece choose you and for falling in love with its soul.

Catherine, Je m’appelle Eux will come with a durable wood-framed poster. Frame comes in black or white. You have a choice of picking which frame color you so require. You have chosen to go with the 18 by 24 size and I must say this is a perfect choice!

Thank you for giving my piece a home.

more soon,



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