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Dear Emilia,

Sunny Girl is a piece inspired by constant over sexualization of of the black female body. We are constantly the topic of hyper sexual objectification starting from a young age. I’ve experienced it. My story is such that Sunny Girl is a piece birth out of; It is important we do our parts to protect black children from becoming the centerpiece of objectification.When I set out to create Sunny Girl, I wanted her to feel very elastic, very light, Like air; in her own world not at all sheepish, not at all small. It is crucial she is seen as her as untethered from the rules of a society constantly looking to objectify. So thank you Emilia, thank you so much for loving this piece as much as I do.

Emilia, Sunny Girl will come with a durable wood-framed poster. Frame comes in black or white. You have a choice of picking which frame color you so require. You have chosen to go with the 18 by 24 size and I must say this is a perfect choice!

Thank you for giving my piece a home.

More soon,


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