The Tie Dye Man


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Dear Dena,

You have chosen to purchase The Tie dye Man. A piece created with the intention of connecting. With the solid colors, a blend of what appears to be a face emerges. I feel uniquely connected to this piece because I worked on it with the intention of wanting color blocked shapes with angles to appear singular, with the illusion of separating the true objective of the piece. Upon further investigation, the owner might come to find the piece as it truly appears to be; a collaboration. Collaboration brings forth a spectrum of light in which as humans naturally benefit. Colors are so strong, so pure, so light weight, it allows us see them individually as well as alive.

Dena, The Tie Man will come with a durable wood-framed poster. Frame comes in black or white. You have a choice of picking which frame color you so require. You have chosen to go with the 30 by 20 size and I must say this is a perfect choice! 

I should add by purchasing this piece, a 10% of profits will go towards a cause we have both share: The rehabilitation of sexually underage children in Nigeria. 

The name of the foundation is The Cece Yara Foundation. 

Thank you for giving my piece a home. 

More soon,



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